Banned for life

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Banned for life

Over the past few weeks the self-riotous egg

heads at Google adwords have banned the

accounts of over 15,000 direct marketers

Banned for life! Some of the most straight

up marketers I know. No reasoning, nothing.

Just an email saying go away.

Fortunately, My buddy Ryan Deiss had a plan B

See where he’s getting the lion’s share of his

traffic now days (it ain’t Google)

Click the link below right now for his free report

My link

Google is the most arrogant company on earth

just like Yahoo was in their day. Do these jerks

never learn…

Ryan’s new source of traffic is like an “Island of

Sanity” compared to these guys

They get 39,000,000,000 (that’s BILLION) views

per month and their traffic is super high quality

and dirt cheap…

They love affiliates and direct marketing

You have GOT to get on this…

Click the link below right now for my free report

My link

See ya soon


P.S. PLEASE, don’t spend another dime with

Google till you see this.

P.S.S. Ryan will be pulling this report down soon

before everybody jumps on the band wagon. Better

go watch it now while its FREE

Click the link below right now for the free report

My link

Facebook Now OWNS Google

Google Adwords sucks, and it was just a matter

of time until someone came along to knock them

off their high horse and folks… that’s Facebook

They are OWNING Google in the Advertising

space right now and they are just warming up…

Click the link below for the full story

My link

My buddy Ryan Deiss has officially FIRED

Google for search advertising and switched his

entire budget to Facebook (except for Gmail)



1. Facebook has way more traffic. Over 39 BILLION

page views a month

2. You can TARGET my ads so that only people

who really want my stuff see my ads… duh!

3. Facebook is simple to use and fast, you’ll be

getting killer traffic in just a few hours

4. Facebook ads are 1/4 – HALF the cost of

Google Adwords

5. Facebook loves affiliates and they love their

advertiser and marketers…

and about 100 other reasons

Click the link below and Ryan will explain

the whole thing.

My link

Pretty exciting, huh?


P.S. Ryan will be removing this FREE report soon

before the whole dang world gets to it so you better go

watch it now, before it’s gone.

P.P.S. Wait till you see his hottest trick that could

get you 1,273,838 ad views for FREE!

Go watch this presentation now, click below

My link

Banned for life

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